On March 19, 2010, an avalanche took the life of my friend Kelly Reitenbach at the
age of 31. I have pulled together some of the great times we've had together over the
years as a celebration of his life. I miss him dearly but will remember a fun-loving,
happy-go-lucky, great friend who always had a smile on his face and a hearty, infectious
laugh that would take over a room.
Rest in peace Kelly Reitenbach.

Natalia and Paul's wedding - July 18, 2009

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When we asked Kelly to be a groomsman for us, he was really excited. I honestly couldn't imagine my wedding
without Kelly in it. This is in the back of the sacristy prior to the wedding.

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Kelly and I at the back of the sacristy.

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The boys at the back of the sacristy, just about to head out. The guys had joked the night before
about putting in white out - "Help Me" on the soles of my shoes and our priest gave them a pretty
stern lecture at the rehearsal. Kelly laughed out loud since he had been thinking quite strongly
about that or "I'm gay".

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Kelly walking up the aisle with Natalia's sister Maria.

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Here is Kelly walking back down the aisle with Natalia's sister Maria.

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We took photos in a creek in Kananaskis.

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I really like this photo of Kelly with us at Barrier Lake, Kananaskis Country, AB.

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Our flower girl Emma had a massive crush on Kelly. It could have been how he'd pick her up and carry her
around, or maybe it was the fact that he gave her his camera and asked her to take photos for him. In any
case, Emma REALLY liked Kelly, so much so that Kelly even made it to Emma's family's Christmas letter.
When describing what the Callbeck family had done this summer, Emma's mom said, "Well, Emma still has
stars in her eyes for Kelly after Paul and Natalia's wedding."
When I showed Kelly the Christmas letter, he got a real kick out of it. He's always been a charmer.

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The wink and the gun is perfect in this one.

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This might be one of my favourites.

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The morning of my wedding I didn't have a clue what to do. I told the guys to show up around 11 am and
we'd make our way to the church. Kelly told me that this simply wouldn't do and that the whole crew
would be at my house at 9am with breakfast picked up so that we could all get ready together. Kelly
even tied my tie (double Windsor I think), since he said that "A Big Day commands a Big Tie.".
This is Kelly, Jason, and Earl in the back of the limo as we're taking photos, after the wedding.

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Kelly picked up this stick and insisted we take a photo with it. This is at Barrier Lake,
in Kananaskis, AB.

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Kelly next insisted that I had to be holding the stick since it was my wedding not his.

Rehearsal Dinner, July 17, 2009

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We got our groomsmen a flask from Ukraine and a steak brander that was personalized. You can see
the KR written backwards in Kelly's brander.

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Erik and Kelly at Natalia and I's rehearsal dinner. Yes, often I don't know what to say about this.
That shirt of Erik's was quite the hit at our wedding rehearsal.

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When I suggested to Kelly that I was heading home for a good night's sleep before my big day,
he informed me that the guys were coming over for a beer before calling it quits. It turns out
that Kelly had found the beer bong that Erik Olson really wanted. They were doing a test run
prior to the wedding since Natalia had actually said it was okay.

Rafting before our wedding, July 17, 2009

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We decided that a great way to relax prior to the big day was to go for a gentle raft down the Bow
River in Calgary. Kelly picked up the raft and my brother, and I picked up Carl Piro and Erik.
Jason Stowers took this photo.

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A nice photo of Kelly double fisting in the raft.

My bachelor party, June 2009.
A few of the boys and I travelled out to Kananaskis to celebrate me for my
bachelor party. Here are some photos and videos.

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After an unbelievable time watching the Pens win the Cup on Friday night at the Stoney Nakoda
casino, we continued the party by setting up camp at the Sundance Lodges camping area in K-country.
Much mayhem ensued. Saturday morning, we got ourselves out of bed and drove the couple of minutes
up to Wasootch Creek to show the guys all about rock climbing. Here's Kelly Reitenbach and Matt
McNabb getting ready for the huge hike in (about 5 minutes). A special shout out to Matt for
driving the extremely boring drive from Saskatoon to be here for the event. Also, thanks to Kelly
for traveling home from Alaska in time for it.

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Yes, Kelly, I am going to comment about how gay your chalk bag looks. I think Kyle noted that the
pattern is similar to a bathing suit his girlfriend owns. The really funny part is I told Stowers
to go find the gayest chalk bag he could find at MEC and this was the one Kelly liked the most.

Video of Kelly getting ready to climb:

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I climbed up the side of the crag to get a better shot of Kelly trying out his new harness.

Video of some serious grunting - Kelly admits to having a high 'grunting to movement ratio':

Video of Kelly apologizing for grunting:

Video of Kelly talking about his success:

Kelly and his friend Chris Kotzer joined Natalia and I to see one of my favourite bands - Oct 28, 2009

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Kelly and his buddy Chris Kotzer. They took the two tickets next to us and kept the "bar" filled the
entire night. Nice work guys!


As an apology before you even start looking at these, the audio is not terrifically audible and where
it is, I may or may not be screaming U2 lyrics, so apologies in advance for your hearing loss.

Before I add U2 videos, here's a great video of Kelly hula-hooping on the Wii Fit

U2 concert - Vertigo - Kelly is happy and laughing towards the end

U2 concert - With or Without You - you can hear Kelly and I singing the whole way.

My 30th birthday in Calgary, Oct 6, 2009

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A GREAT photo of Kelly. Kelly spent the afternoon with me on my birthday out for a drive and out
shopping for a Nintendo Wii Fit. It's too bad he didn't know that he'd wind up on video using the Wii Fit...

Flames first Playoff game in April 20, 2009

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I took my buddy Kelly Reitenbach to the game and we got there pretty early. Here we are
on our way into the game after some excellent tail-gating.

Natalia and I invited Kelly Reitenbach and Jeanna Berg to compete against us in a gingerbread
house building contest in Dec 2007

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Jeanna and Kelly got the bigger workspace (that's right - we're nice people) but also brought an extra
gingerbread kit. I still claim that this was illegal, but seeing as our rules were so well formalized,
I couldn't do anything about it. Did I mention that this was something like Jeanna and Kelly's 4th date?

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This is Kelly trying like hell to make his house stand on its own. A direct quote from Kelly after his house
collapsed, "Jeanna, I'm shitty!"

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Here's Kelly putting the finishing touches on the train. Note the great roof made with almond slivers.

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The winning participants. I think we all won on this evening.

Video of Kelly calling Jeanna a 'pookie bear':

Skiing with Kelly Dec 2007

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I think this is the third girlfriend I've skied with Kelly with. We're all kind of hoping this will last.
The only down side is that Jeanna's a snowboarder, but we can work on that.
Kelly, Jeanna Berg and her friend Christine and I took a quick run out to Nakiska to get a few early
season turns in. This was Kelly's maiden voyage in his helmet and goggles. If you see him, make sure
you mention that the matte finish really looks sharp.

Stamps game Nov 2007

Great picture of Kelly Reitenbach at a Stamps game.

My birthday 2007

We also celebrated my birthday this same weekend. From a longstanding joke, my family thinks
pirates are funny. So, my mom and Renee organized treat bags for my birthday and in them were eyepatches
for all, noisemakers, and treats. That's Kelly Reitenbach at the back who joined us for my birthday brunch.
Thanks to Kelly for providing a great song for my birthday.

A few of us got together at a cabin in Candle Lake, SK, to celebrate New Year's 2004. My good buddy Kelly
Reitenbach made the trip in from Calgary, Erik Olson in from Saskatoon, Jeff B from Regina,
my sister Renee and her friend Natalia Lynn from Edmonton, AB.

Here Kelly is giving a tutorial on how to give a wrist shot.

Video of Kelly teaching the wrist shot

Video of Kelly playing Cranium with my sister Renee and Jeff Benjamin

Of course, the largest denomination of Canadian Tire money is the $2. Good answer Renee.
I love this photo of Kelly. It really shows his true happy nature and his ability to completely
bring you into his world of happiness.

We wound up playing 3 games of Cranium. Renee went 3 for 3, and here the boy's team poses.

Of course, Kelly and I, having a background of hard partying from the College of Engineering at the U of S,
had no problem spending our hangover day out running around in the snow.

Kelly and I posing in the snow.

I brought my cross-country skis all the way from Portland to enjoy the great snow conditions in
Saskatchewan. Kelly decided that since he had no X-country skis, he'd haul out his downhills and
make a run at me on Candle Lake. Here he is in the middle of the lake.

Not quite a Swiss mountain paradise, but Kelly (in his 14 pounds of warm clothes) poses here with his
racing skis on. You can really see the huge alpine slopes here in northern Saskatchewan.

Kelly and I at the Ship's.

The Scandal Lake party team for New Year's 2004.

Kelly Reitenbach: "Excuse me Miss, but are you here with one of your boyfriend, fiancee, or husband?"
Bar cutie: "Um, no, I'm not."
Kelly: "Well, then, will you join me for a dance?"
One of the smoother lines I've heard Kelly deliver.

A little nicer picture of the boys with Myrna joining us.

Kelly commands quite the dance floor when he starts singing. I think this was a country song of some kind.
As I said on this weekend, it's not the quality of Kelly's singing that impresses me (although it is
impressive). It is the breadth of music of which Kelly knows the entire song lyrics that really
impresses me. From Eminem and Will Smith to Shania Twain and AC/DC, Kelly runs the gamut when it
comes to both karaoke and just plain singing.

Skiing, Dec 2003

We are trying to see how many young women I can take pictures of with Kelly Reitenbach while skiing.
The beautiful and always charming young lady in question is Miss Adrian Gamelin.

Kelly and I at Fortress Mountain, AB in K country. This was the first day I had skied with
a helmet. It would prove to be a great investment.

Dec 2003 - Skiing in Vancouver with the Bowes'

Jon Bowes and Kelly Reitenback at the Foggy Dew in Burnaby, BC.

As anyone who has seen some of my travel albums will tell you, I'm a bit of an amateur mullet-hunter.
So, when we spotted this guy, I had to send Kelly in as a decoy. You can't really see the mullet that
well. He's the one in the Roots shirt taking a swig from his trashy domestic bottle of beer.

The last shot didn't turn out, so I sent my decoy in deeper. I couldn't believe our luck!
The mullet not only gave us a full frontal shot, he actually gave us the thumbs up!

Kelly flew in from Calgary to visit with this beautiful young lady named Sarah in Vancouver.

Well, as much as I wanted to ski Whistler, Jon, Des, Kelly, Sarah, and I skied at Cypress Bowl (just
north of Vancouver) and found some pretty awesome snow.

Nov 2003 - Heritage Hockey Classic

From left to right, Kelly Reitenbach, myself, Jason Roy, and Ian Schafer. This is where our seats
were for the game. Believe it or not, Jason Roy actually had a positive thing to say this weekend.
He called these seats "pretty awesome".

Kelly "high school drunk" Reitenbach. The next few pictures will explain how much fun Kelly
had, but in his own words: "I really don't know how I'm going to explain to my future wife on
our wedding day that that day is only the second best day of my life."

Kelly and I with Ron MacLean. That's right, that's Ron behind us talking to the camera crews.
After about 5 minutes of us yelling, "RRRRROOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!", he finally looked at us and
waved our way.

As it got later in the day, the air got a little foggier and so did our heads.

This picture was taken shortly after the exploding Coke bottle incident. Needless to say
there was a mess everywhere, even in the lady's hair in front of us. Kelly: "Hey lady, I left a mess in
your hair!"

About this time, the dancing in the seats started. I think this was a bit of a waltz.

This is a picture that Kelly actually asked me to remove from my website, but it makes me laugh everytime
I see it. I had convinced the on-ice figure skaters (they were about 12 years old) to come up and take a
photo with Kelly, who had, um, fallen asleep. Jason Roy in the background is awesome too.

Aug 2003 - Matt and Nic's wedding

This is my buddy Kelly Reitenbach (best man for Matty) and Nicole Golding's sister
(her maid of honour).

Jon Bowes, Jason Roy, Matthew McNabb, Kelly Reitenbach, and myself toasting the
groom at the reception, Marlboro Inn, Prince Albert. Cam Baker's arm is also
visible in the foreground.

Kelly and I probably singing something at Matt's reception.

Kelly Reitenbach and Nicole McNabb.

Kelly, Janice, and Jason Roy dancing one of those three people dances. I actually
think this is a really great picture of the 3 of them.

More older photos to come soon.